Installation of PUZU Car DSP Amplifier for Non-Amplifier system steps

Installation of of PUZU DSP Amplifier for car with Non-Amplifier system steps

Step 1

Pull out our car radio 

Step 2

User PUZU Plug & Play Harness connect with your car raido and factory stereo cables

Step 3

Connect with DSP and put the DSP in your car hand box or under the seat

Step 4

Finish installation

Above steps are just the simple installation,you have to tuning the sound by right using the software after finish installtion. 
Sound tuning is not easy,here we going to introduce some usefuly way to show how to use it.Here take PZ-C7 for example
1.By using the USB data cable connect DSP with your laptop
2.You need to know the basic regions of the software,and learn what functions of those different parts representitive 

HP Filter:High Pass filter,which you can set the corresponding lower limit according to the sensitivity range of the speaker
LP Filter:Low Pass filter,which you can set the corresponding upper limit according to the sensitivity range of the speaker
GEQ Mode/PEQ Mode:It’s Graphic and parmaters EQ tuing ways.You can select the way you prefer to.
RST:Press it to clean the tuning file and it can’t recover to the original
Pass:Press it once to reset the EQ, press it again to restore the previous curve
Grouping Front/Rear/All/Bass/:You can tuning the curve by group them if the speakers with same parameters
Delay:Time delay,you can set profer unit and set profer parameters to locate the sounds you want.

Usually the step of the sound tuning as follows,here is an example for your reference.(No change factory speakers and no add any subwoofer in your car,you can try tuning as following step for reference.)

Step 1
First step,Set the original car radio EQ to “0”.

Your car sound system with 4ch output,front door left and right speaker are the same and rear door left and right speaker are the we can group them tuning the sound for the first step,show as following picture.

First setting
Grouping Front
(Means tuning the front left door speaker & front right speakers at the same time)
Grouping Rear (Means tuning the rear left door speaker & rear right speakers at the same time)

Step 2
Set HP,LP,Slop,Show as the picture below
close the volume rear left,rear right,center and sub 
Most of factory speakers with frequency responds from 60Hz~20KHz,so we setting the HP filter about 40Hz,type:butter,slope keep 12dB/Oct,no tuning the LP Filter.

Follwoing frequency range help you understand and better help tuning the sound!
Super Bass:20Hz~40Hz,
Midrange to Bass:150Hz~500Hz
Midrange to Treble:2KHz~5KHz
Super Treble:8KHz~10KHz

As factory speakers not pretty good respond bass and super bass,so We only let some proper bass signal into the speakers to avoid speaker distortion,
and we attenuate frequencies around 200Hz a little bit in order to get a cleaner and more energetic low frequency (note: not all speakers need attenuated frequencies here, only for the original car speakers),and we pull a little bit up on point 8 (frequency around 700Hz~900Hz) to get more fully vocal effect.also we attenuated frequencies on 5KHz,point 13 on the picture,this frequency affect plucked audio so we drop down a little bit according to factory speakers’ features.

step 3.
We tuning the rear door speakers same as front door speakers show as the picture below,and we turn little bit down the volume of the rear door speakers so it won’t affect front sound field,as you known front sound field it’s driver’s postion,We will consider the driver’s position as the most important listen position  

Step 4
tuning the time delay,you can select the unit “CM””inch””Ms”we suggest choose “CM” and we only tuning the left front to “55”and do not set as above picture. (Presss here to learn what’s time-delay,and how it works)

Step 5.
Press “sys set” you will see the save button from 1-user~8-user,you can select any one of them.Then press next time it will automatically play the mode you saved last time.

Step 6
Finish sound tuning,open all channels volume and enjoy the sound upgraded!

If your system added extra subwoofer like the picture below,then you can set the same parameters of front door and rear door above,but you need set the subwoofer seperately 

Just set parameters like picture above,and please turn your active subwoofer mode to Full range side.make sure all frequency controlled and cut by software instead of by subwoofer itself.

If any questions,leve message below,we will check and reply accordingly.

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